Training and employment

Training and employment

Marmanet offers various employment solutions in numerous professional areas and designated sectors.

Our professional team specializes in creating placement and training systems catered to the nature of your organization and geographic area. We aim to increase the participation of various sectors in the work market whilst promoting their vocational situation and empowering them on an individual level.

Marmanet’s experts will help you find solutions in various fields including:

  • Characterizing the customer’s employment needs
  • Defining relevant fields and developing courses and qualification programs according to current demand
  • Building a supportive logistic array and designated training centers
  • Locating work places, potential employers and placement
  • Founding youth centers
  • Accompanying, observing and overseeing work place integration
  • Feedback and solutions for customers through selected real time reports

We strive to help promote the national mission of increasing the number of people participating in the work market and making an honest living.