Supervision and control

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Supervision and control

An integral part of an organization’s ability to improve, optimize its services and increase its balance is professionally supervising and controlling its work.

Marmanet specializes in creating supervision and control systems that are suited to various professional areas and offers a comprehensive services basket on demand:

Budgetary control – meticulously checking the financial management of the organization by gathering and analyzing data as well as submitting detailed budget reports which include conclusions and proposals for efficiency.

Service control – supervising services provided by companies and organizations by conducting open and concealed audits, secret customers, field trips and unexpected inspections.

Administrative control – reviewing and supervising the ongoing functioning of the organization’s management level and offering them organizational consultation in order to improve their control and supervision of top managers.

Pedagogic control – professionally accompanying education procedures and conducting pedagogic training for educators and staff in education and academic institutions.

Organizational control – accompanying organizational procedures in education and welfare systems.

Data control – managing data bases starting from the building stage, through receiving and processing data up to preparing reports on various levels.

Integration control – overseeing the integration of new employees in an organization, including working with the HR department, conducting interviews, screening and selecting junior and senior employees.

Characterizing and developing designated technological information systems for supporting control procedures.

We will gladly assist your organization in fulfilling its control and supervision requirements.