Operation and logistics

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Operation and logistics

Marmanet leads complex operation and logistic projects using outsourcing in varied fields whilst accommodating advanced work methods to the unique professional needs of your company by offering a selection of services including:

Comprehensive services package – Marmanet places experienced professionals in all key positions in a large project, starting with field workers to the top management.

Branches nationwide.

Characterizing and developing designated information systems for supporting logistic systems.

Back office services providing solutions that are not available in an organization, such as recruiting HR, bookkeeping and salary accountants.

Control array – which allows you to get updates about the project’s progress in each and every stage.

Our main fields of supplying operation and logistic services are:

Information and support centers – operating direct service, information and support centers to accompany project execution. The centers are supported by advanced computerized systems.

Building and managing databases – collecting and managing complex databases whilst analyzing details according to various segments and criteria and producing detailed statistic reports.

Accounting – a professional team of accountants and economists to help you manage all your accounting activity before suppliers, service providers and customers as well as improve your cash flow availability.

Acquisition – Marmanet will create a smart acquisition policy based on advanced acquisition and inventory management software that allows increased control of your organization’s resources, decreasing depreciation and a more effective inventory management system.

Examinations – Marmanet specializes in building and managing examination systems for academic institutions, government organizations and private companies. Marmanet provides a comprehensive solution for every need and creates a designated examination plan including exam supervisors, examination locations, on-line examinations and checking examinations.

We will gladly be of service and handle the logistics and operation procedures of your organization.