Education and pedagogy

An entire world of education 

Education and pedagogy

Years of working with the different departments in the Ministry of Education have provided Marmanet with unique expertise in managing educational and pedagogic procedures.

Marmanet operates an array of professional teams from the field of education including counselors, coaches, instructors, teachers and guides for every purpose. The company has connections with various education systems in Israel and abroad and its solutions are successfully applied by hundreds of customers. Marmanet’s main services in the education field are:

Training and qualifying principals and teaching staff – Marmanet has developed tools for supporting methodologies that help train teachers and principals, whilst defining as well as achieving targets and goals.

Enrichment courses for children and youth – Marmanet operates experience filled enrichment courses for children and youth in various frameworks, including community youth centers, schools and centers for gifted children.

Accompanying and developing pedagogic procedures – a designated academic team that develops and helps assimilate pedagogic procedures for students, teachers, instructors and principals in various education systems.

Characterizing and developing information systems for supporting logistic systems.

We will be glad to let your educational institution benefit from our expertise and skills in the education and pedagogic fields.