About Marmanet

Marmanet – Israel’s leading company for outsourcing project management and operation in the public and private sectors.

Our objective is to allow large Israeli companies and organizations to focus their professional activity and resources on developing their core business activity by removing and outsourcing the “headache” of managing and performing complex projects and benefiting from our clear advantages compared to all the competitors in the market:

Reducing expenses – with Marmanet at your side there is no need for recruiting employees and managers, handling professional qualifications and investing precious human resources in every project. The bottom line of managing a project through us is considerably lowering operation costs and increasing an organization’s profit margin in its balance sheets.

Fulfilling targets – Marmanet’s experts are committed to providing your company with the most advanced solutions in any field, allowing you to successfully handle multiple complex projects at the same time.

Increased efficiency – Marmanet introduces proven management methods that improve all parameters of work and management efficiency, thereby saving you the most valuable resource – work time.

Maximal flexibility – Marmanet offers your company a broad professional back giving it the professional peace of mind it needs before entering varied projects and successfully implementing them. Our innovation and creativity will help you set goals that looked impossible until now.

Technology – Marmanet operates an advanced R&D Division as an integral part of its services array, using the most advanced technologies in each of its areas of activity. Marmanet’s technology helps it continuously supervise each project’s success indexes at any given time.

Power creates leadership

Marmanet is a subsidiary of Amanet System Management and SKY Fund – allowing it to benefit from the extensive synergy of professional information and power that the two groups have accumulated over the years.

Marmanet employs 6,000 professionals: project managers, operation managers, engineers, finance and acquisition experts, control and supervision workers, teaching and pedagogy workers, lecturers, computer controllers and guides, assimilators and coaches, organization as well as computerization system and methods specialists, all at your service.

During the past 20 years Marmanet has managed some of the most complex and challenging projects in the private and public sectors using Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in an extensive variety of fields and has offered a complete 360 degree solution for all of them:

Turning results into success

Every year our vast knowledge and experience are combined with organizational flexibility and innovative technologies and interpreted into hundreds of successful projects across the country, a vital growth engine for dozens of Israeli organizations and companies.

We would be privileged to help turn your next project into a success story.